Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show NEC 2016

Classic cars have once again come to the NEC, some of the most beautiful cars in the world are on display including the Aston Martin DB6, and the jaguar XK120. 

Silverstone Auctions had a large selection of cars for auction and many independent classic car dealers on show, so you could pick yourself up a little Mini Cooper or a Ferrari Testarossa. As well as all the major classic car clubs, with selections of cars on display, there is a large auto jumble for everything front nuts and bolts to a new interior for your car. 

This once a year event is a must for all classic car enthusiasts. Go!

Attended by Robert Bluestone (words) and Paul Lopez Salzedo (photography)

Please note that Robert will be launching and managing a closed -end Classic Car Fund of c. £3m in Jan 2017. Classic cars as an asset class have outperformed every other possible investment and represent diversification away from other financial market-related products. 

Please contact me for more information. 

The Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show runs until 13th November 2016