Which Car Seat for Age 4+?

I’ve been doing my research on car seats as my little man just keeps getting bigger. Now 4, I knew that he needed to graduate to the next seat up from my beloved swivel Maxi-Cosi Axiss. No more harness, just an adult-type belt but with a very suitable, ultra-safe chair.

After much deliberation and lots of reading on the Mothercare website I went for the Britax KIDFIX II XP Highback Booster Seat. It’s pricey at £170 but given that it should take us up to age 12 (approx.) then in my eyes, it’s a good investment. You use a normal seat belt (with a padded holder at shoulder height) and it also has the added security of a strap in between the legs to hold the belt in the correct position.

Ultra comfy and extra-padded, ISOFIX and seat belt option, it’s a winner all around. It also has a v-shaped backrest that grows with your child. I’m almost jealous of Alexander lounging in the back now…

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