Today I went to Old Spitalfields Market, to the Affordable Vintage Fair with Mr Pregnantcitygirl, Sister Pregnantcitygirl and Friend of Sister Pregnantcitygirl. We went to find me a vintage tent for Goodwood Revival (we are going over my Birthday weekend, the week I will be 31 weeks pregnant and very possibly huge!). I actually bought two beautiful 70’s maxi dresses in Camden last week, both of which I would actually wear anytime, not just as fancy dress, however and disappointingly,having spent the best part of £50 on them, we found out that Goodwood Revival is really a nod to the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s and not the 70’s. My maxi dresses are a decade too young! Never fear, I’ve emailed them at Goodwood to see whether or not I’d ‘fit in’ and I’m hoping that the answer will be affirmative. In the meantime, here’s the alternative bought for a mere £25 today. It also fits well, nice and stretchy, but the combination of the longer skirt and the big belly on my 5’1 and a half frame isn’t the most flattering. Still, I’m pretty chuffed.

So here’s to the quick shout out to a little luxury purchase today; The Ruby Red Organic Vanilla and Honey Lipbalm. Ruby Red London had a stall at the Vintage Fair and after having a smell and a smear of this sweet-smelling organic balm I was sold. I’m a sucker for product! Made from 100% natural, certified organic ingredients at their premises in Pinner, N. London this one came from a freshly made batch of 200 just made this week (no preservatives or chemical additives). The packaging is cute in a little eco pot and my lips are now kissably soft and smooth. At £5 a pot and available online if you follow the link below to their online shop this would make a great little gift for yourself or if you aren’t as selfish as I am, for someone else!

By the way the Sunday Times Style Magazine also loves Garnier BB cream today!

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5 Responses to Organic Balmy Lip Balm and Goodwood Revival Outfit at Last

  1. Style Souk says:

    This sounds lovely.

    I’ve always happily guzzled parabens and petrochemicals but – having recently discovered, and fallen in love with, the camellia and rose cleanser from Pai – have been trying to lighten my chemical load.

    Being a greedy girl, I doubt a honey balm would last long on my lips… ;0)

    Sarah x

    P.S: I have only just now found your blog – quite why it’s taken so long, this lazy sod could never explain – but will be certain to return soon. It’s really, really wonderful!

    • admin says:

      Hi Sarah,
      Thank-you so much for your kind and generous commenst! You probably haven’t found me before because my blog is relatively new. I have to say that I’m not always convinced by the natural approach but when I find something effective then its well worth dropping the chemicals, after all we don’t really understand the long-term effects do we.

    • admin says:

      PS your blog is stunning! I’m having mine professionally overhauled and once it’s at least properly functioning I will strive to get anywhere near yours!

  2. Style Souk says:

    Thank you for such a lovely compliment.

    I often feel guilty about my blog, as – on account of life, friends, work and general laziness – it is all too frequently neglected. It’s nice to see it ‘anew’, through your eyes, and realise that I shouldn’t be so critical or dissatisfied with my efforts.

    I’m excited to see your new blog design! When are you hoping to go live with it?

    Sarah x

    • admin says:

      Life, friends, work, all very good excuses! I on the other hand at the moment have none of those (well, almost). Was meant to go live last week. Typical, its dragging. I don’t think the design will change much its really the ‘background’ stuff i’m told! Good for optimization so people know I exist! The coding etc. It will look more professional though ( I hope!)

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